Saturday, 16 January 2016

Happy New Year!!!

My little blog has been sat here, neglected, for a lot longer that I had thought; where does the time go??  To start the new year I'm going to wake it up and shake it up!!

Here's to 2016!  I'm not going to make promises about when I'll post... maybe more frequently than once every 2 years, perhaps?

I formerly had a blog in another location; which has now been archived so I plan to repost certain of my old posts from time to time just to keep the information available......

If you find this; thanks for sticking with me!!

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Hels' Sunday Stamper week 303 - Eternal Flame!

Well, cutting it fine again this week, but I've managed it just in time... although the glue is still wet!
Before you read on, please go to Hels' blog to read about this week's challenge.

I started with a coat of DecoArt americana Decou-page matte before giving the bottle holder a base coat of  ecogreen crafts acrylic in butternut.  Once this had dried, I decided that it was not 'flamey' enough and instead used a combination of 3 shades of docrafts acrylic paints with a craft sponge (guava, deep orange and raspberry).


Once the paint had dried, I stamped the paisleys using Ranger Archival ink in Sienna.  then I added paper flowers and some metal embellies.  As I said above, the glue is still wet which is why the shots are from the side!

Once the glue is dry, there a few more embellies for the other sides and then this will become a tool storage organiser pot in my new craft room!

Thanks for stopping by, EmmiLu.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Hels' Sunday Stamper week 302 - Mother Nature's Son

At the start of the year I decided that I would attempt to make all of Hels' Sunday Stamper challenges in 2014.  Well, it hasn't gone quite to plan, but I finally managed a second one on time!! (the first one was submitted via facebook, back in January!!)  You can check out Hels' Challenge for the week here.

I started by applying a layer of AmericanaDecou-page matte before painting the bottle holder green; actually, the colour you see is about the 3rd coat as I kept mixing until I found a shade that I liked!!  (I have used a mix of docrafts and ecogreen crafts acrylic paints)

Once the paint was dry, I stencilled on some scattered honeycomb shapes using a slightly yellower shade of my green mix.  Last job before sticking on the paper flowers was to stamp on some scattered flowers using Library Green archival ink.

I hope you like it; thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, 23 March 2014


Why blog? - I felt the compulsion to create a blog primarily because I'd like to participate in some of the blog challenges that I see in my internet searchings: for example Hels Sheridan's Sunday Stamper challenge.  Although it is possible to participate via facebook and email, it is much more straightforward to do so on a blog platform.

What will you be writing about?I like to create; mainly to please myself; to learn new skills; to give as gifts and, infrequently, to make a bit of extra income.  My aim; over the coming weeks and months is to not only participate in the challenges but also to share other things that I've created; in the hope that it might inspire anyone who finds this and hangs around long enough to read about what I've made.  I tend to make whatever takes my fancy at that time; a cake; a birthday card; a dress!  At the moment I'm working on a couple of items which will be given as gifts so I will post them once the recipients have received them!

What's with the name? - You may already have noticed that I like words!  I was searching the dictionary and liked the fact that inspire means not only 'to fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative' but also 'to breathe in'.  I sometimes, no, make that often, find that I don't have just one idea at a time and that I'm thinking about several things at once; so the inhalation and inspiration are as one..... well, it made sense to me when I was setting this up anyway!

Thank you for reading this far, please feel free to leave me a comment: